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Niz Sabir Director

Greg Bailey Director

Deryck Watts Director

Robert Higson Director

Lisa Barker Business Manager 

Kate Malyn Director

David Brett-Williams Director 

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.

The company

Primary Eyecare (North Yorkshire and Humber) Ltd is a new provider company - formed by the Local Optical Committees (LOCs) within the North Yorkshire and Humber area. This includes: North Yorkshire LOC; East Riding LOC and North and North East Lincs LOC - to act as the lead for a network of long established General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contractors. The GOS contractors have successfully delivered community optical services for many years supported by their LOCs. Our company enables all optical practices in the area, including all those which have provided local enhanced services for many years, to have the opportunity to be involved in the new service. This includes optical practices from sole traders through to national multiple groups, providing they have the appropriate equipment and meet the accreditation requirements.

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