Q  Please can you clarify why I am being asked to provide information to Hull CCG when I understood that you had won the AQP contract ?


A  These are two separate contracts, Primary Eyecare North Yorkshire & Humber Ltd has won the AQP (Any Qualified Provider) contract for East Riding of Yorkshire CCG, and not Hull.  Hull CCG have made the decision to tender directly with providers and not with us as a company.  You will therefore be required to submit your own tender if you intend to provide services under the Hull CCG contract. Please note the Hull CCG contract will only apply to patients who are registered with Hull GP's.

Q Our practice has recieved a letter from Webstar health asking us for information, what is this about?

A  Webstar Health will be providing our IT system for the new ERY CORRS service, your practice will need to send the requested details to ensure that subcontracts can be issued to you.  We would be grateful if this could be done as soon as practicable.

Q  Do you have an up to date list of East Riding of Yorkshire GPS ?


If you copy and paste this link into your browser it will give you all the GP's listed for East Riding Of Yorkshire CCG

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